All psychic mediums – tarot readers have their own delivery style and interpretation of the tarot cards

All psychic mediums / tarot readers have their own delivery style and interpretation of the tarot cards (if cards are used in psychic readings).

Psychic readings should not be done regularly, on the same matter, by different readers over a very short period of time as different interpretations will be given; energy is constantly changing and evolving.

My best advice is not getting readings on the same subject matter (even more so). Otherwise, the conflicting information given to you by different readers, will leave you in a state of confusion and even more lost looking for further clarity.

Every psychic reader / tarot reader is also different in their readings styles and interpretations of the tarot cards, yes they have a fixed meaning but the reader will give their own input too based on their connection with the cards. This is also known as a filter system.

Tarot reading is all about interpretation. By getting a reading done and then possibly feeling you can not relate to what the reading that has been given to you (or it’s not telling you what you want to hear), by going to another psychic medium / tarot reader and then asking them to reinterpret the reading will add to that confusion.

💙 Tarot reading is an art form. Most respectable tarot card readers and psychic mediums invest in their clients and endeavour to make sure that their clients get the message for the purpose of their highest good, their well-being, so they can make the right adjustments to achieve their goals.

All mediums / tarot readers are different and based on personality types, they may not be for you. You need to stick to a reader that is most comfortable for you. Please research online, look at reviews, get recommendations about their nature, reading styles, personality and overall values.

Learn to trust your ‘gut feeling’ whilst doing your research. Your inner voice, your intuition and instincts are always right. Remember, you are always being guided.

Love and light always. Have a good week