Learn The Tarot


This course is designed to help you, do your own readings and answer your own questions. The course will teach you how to have a better understanding of all aspects of the Tarot. Please bring your own tarot cards and a notepad to make notes.


Have you ever wondered how the tarot cards are read and understood?

Well this is your chance to learn from an expert. This is your easy guide to learning the tarot.

You will be taught how to read and recognise the cards, as well as ground and protect yourself.

Give it a go, you never know you may discover a talent that you never knew you.

The tarot reading course includes:

  1. Introduction and history of the tarot, choosing a deck, uses of the tarot, basics of answering questions, grounding and protecting yourself.
  2. Major arcana and their meanings
  3. Minor arcana and their meanings
  4. Practice readings and learning about emotions

Offer: 2 seperate sessions for 2 hours each (4 hours in total) £500


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