Jan 01

Blessed 2023 to you all

Jan 09

It’s ok not to feel ok

Jan 15

An attitude of gratitude

Jan 22

Forgiveness removes burdens

Jan 25

Have a merry Christmas

Jan 29

Come and enjoy a massage with me

Feb 11

Woke up feeling loved and with a heart of gratitude

Feb 14

Happy Valentine’s Day

Feb 21

The highest mark of love is to be like a child

Mar 01

My holiday is finally coming to an end

Mar 08

All psychic mediums – tarot readers have their own delivery style and interpretation of the tarot cards

Mar 14

Healthy relationships have healthy boundaries; physical, sexual, financial, emotional or intellectual. 

Mar 21

I have always been addicted to personal growth

Apr 05

This day we also celebrated all those incredible Dads doing BOTH jobs and mother figures, to include teachers.

Apr 11

I spent the last couple days in between the usual rigmarole watching “The Women” on Netflix

Apr 14

The last few months, there’ been an upsurge of the number of fake accounts made of me and other psychic mediums across the world on Instagram.

Apr 24

Everyone has their own special unique talents.

May 02

You are the only person you’ll spend your entire life with

Jun 07

What Crystal’s should a beginner start with?

Jul 03

What is Vedic Astrology used for?

Aug 31

Peace is a choice.

Sep 06


Sep 12

What is love bombing?

Oct 19

Have you ever enjoyed the experience of an Indian Head Massage?

Oct 26

The way you talk to yourself, matters the MOST

Oct 30

Your healing should never depend on someone else’s lack of apology

Nov 06

You have got to want to spend time getting to know yourself first

Nov 13

I will always prefer readings done the old-fashioned way

Dec 11

One of my goals was to read more in 2022

Dec 18

Planning to do readings in 2023 without tarot cards