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You are the only person you’ll spend your entire life with

Daily reminder: You are the only person you’ll spend your entire life with. give yourself permission to put yourself first. You are a priority. It’s okay if you’re not working all the time and it’s okay if you need to take a step back and put the onus back on yourself so you can come back and be the best you!

The last month of Ramadan taught me to be even more disciplined and maintain self-control. Regardless of whatever religion or faith you may follow (if you follow any), there are precious lessons you can learn from this month, that will help to further improve your life.

Fasting yourself from not only food but other daily distractions to include social media is so powerful, it really simplifies life and puts the focus back on you and your goals and what you need to achieve. I only had the time and energy to deal with prime concerns. For me this was catching up with my reading, prayer life as well my diet and fitness regime. I was also able to let go of lower level emotions that we can often experience; those negative feelings, issues, thoughts and energy that are inside all of us.

It was a reflective time to process those emotions in a healthy way as it gave me time to slow down. It made space for me to embrace them, work thorough them and release them as and where necessary.

I am looking forward to readings this month and feel refreshed and rejuvenated.
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Have a blessed week. Love and light always.

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