I will always prefer readings done the old-fashioned way

I am often asked to do collective energy readings on social media, such as “pick a card pile”, “pick a crystal 1, 2 or 3”, “if you’re seeing this message on such and such date, this message is meant for you” and “here’s what they’re thinking”.

I appreciate that energy knows no limitations nor boundaries and that we are all spiritually energetically connected together. However, I like to ask for someone’s permission to read their energy, or clients seek me out through word of mouth or google. This form of tarot reading on social media is not for me.

With approximately 40 years of Tarot reading experience (often used as a tool alongside my psychic abilities), I will always prefer readings done the old-fashioned way (face to face or via phone), building 1-2-1 human connections.

I also like to use social media to promote my other skills- I offer Indian head massages (Level 3), Bio-resonance therapy (fully qualified), sports massage (Level 3), Hijama cupping (Diploma) and various other holistic treatments (that I am also qualified in)

Have a blessed weekend.

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