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Come and enjoy a massage with me

I offer a variety of massages to include facial, Indian and sports.

These are based on your individual needs, whether this is for relaxation, pain or stress relief, relaxation, reducing the symptoms of depression, anxiety and also aiding with headaches.

I can also customize your massage sessions, with aromatherapy oils, to soothe your mind, body and senses. The massage involves a combination of gentle and hard pressure, while using a specific blend of oils. I am happy to discuss these with prior to the session to see what suits your individual needs.

Aromatherapy oils can effect the physiological and physical changes in our bodies in addition to giving off a lovely fragrance.

I have a huge selection of essential oils that act on your brain, nervous system, and muscles. Please message me for these services or look in the health and beauty section of my website.

If you are interested and in the Greater London area, please come and enjoy a massage of your choice. Have a relaxing Sunday.

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