An attitude of gratitude

Morning reflections….

“As you evolve, notice who says I get to know this version of you too”. Sophia Joan Short.

Never miss an opportunity to express gratitude to those you love. Tell someone how they have impacted you, tell someone who has helped you in your darkest times, that you appreciate them. Tell someone they’re doing a great job in the midst of it all.

Practice this daily, whether it’s a kind word, a compliment or an action taken.

On Sunday’s, I embrace family life, self-care and I BASK in gratitude.

When I started to practice gratitude (as well as journaling my thoughts and feelings), it changed my perspective and reality on how I view my life and world. We have so much love around us and sometimes it can be so difficult to see it. I try to write down at least 5 things that I am grateful for everyday, rather than focusing on what I have lost or even lack. It changes the mindset completely.

Gratitude resets our minds and rekindles our faith. (Improve attitude → Express Gratitude).

Happy Sunday.

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