Your healing should never depend on someone else’s lack of apology

So many clients say to me after a situationship or relationship ends; they got no “closure”. Your healing should never depend on someone else’s lack of apology or even wanting a form of accountability. There lack of inaction or communication is also a confirmation to move on, especially if they ghost you.

Unfortunately we don’t always get the final communication that we need. Then we have to go about and heal from that relationship, which is not always easy.
But healing is self love; discovering your own triggers and taking the necessary steps in “repairing” your own wounds.

It’s mentally uncomfortable to accept and critically analyze your own emotions, to look in the mirror at the roots of your wounds and also begin to unlearn your own toxic patterns and attachment styles.

Rather than shutting down, ignoring your emotions or moving on to the next “conquest”; you will eventually find yourself where (and who with) you are meant to be, if you take time to do the inner work of healing and acceptance.

You have to be patient, this is a journey of a lifetime; pursuing growth, peace and self love.

Dating AFTER healing can be extraordinary because you gain so much more clarity in people’s behaviors and and you’re also become a lot more conscious of your own, knowing what you want in the relationship and what you don’t want.

This also does not mean you have to COMPLETELY heal prior to stepping into a new relationship. There will be people who hear and accept you on your journey.

Healing is intricate with good and bad days. Days where you will think about what you could of done to change the outcome and then there will also be days when you will happily live your life, with no regrets.

  1. Tips for healing after a breakup include;
    ACCEPT that it is over.
  2. Find your INTERESTS; this breaks the cycle of attachment and dependency.
  3. Focus on your HEALTH and WELL-BEING (gym, reading, therapy and communicating with your loved ones).
  4. Avoid seeing someone straight away to fill the VOID as this prolongs your healing and only hurts others.
  5. Take time to REFLECT, what lessons did you learn and how can you grow from this experience?

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