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The highest mark of love is to be like a child

“The highest mark of love is to be like a child”.

As a mother of 4, what I remember when they were so little, was the awe of them stating what they wanted.

How do you know if your relationship is authentic? You will become like your child-like selves. You will joke, tease and laugh. Similar to who you once used to be, when your heart was innocent.

A relationship should also be filled with laughter, vulnerability, a soul connection, personal growth, passion, peace and happiness.

All of this is great at the beginning stages BUT sustaining, without falling into a pattern takes WORK, especially when children come along.

DISCERNMENT, empathy and forgiveness are all important parts of healing and self-love and in order not to self sabotage.

Treating people poorly by being emotionally avoidant and dismissive of their feelings and calling it “self-love” is also a form of self-sabotage.

We often think we can avoid problems by shifting blame- or victimizing ourselves- there is NO DISCERNMENT in this but only avoidance of one self.

“Positive vibes only” is a coping mechanism to get rid of negative emotions experienced. We want an endless supply of positivity. Life is a beautiful balance of BOTH positive and negative emotions. We can’t use just positivity to numb the feelings that make us feel uncomfortable.

We may also blame others rather than bettering ourselves. As a result, what will occur, is self-sabotage in the next relationship thinking this is “the one” and the next…..the cycle will continue to creep up on you. Be able to look at your reflection and DISCERN always.

A healthy relationship is about making mistakes. We are human and still evolving. It’s also about having the appropriate tools to take accountability to stop repeating old patterns.

It’s about making space for BOTH negativity and positivity. It’s about respect for each other and each other’s space. Constant dialogue and quality time together as well as lifting your partner up daily with positive affirmations.

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