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The best way to fix the world is to first fix yourself

Jordan Peterson said it best….”The best way to fix the world is to first fix yourself”. You heal YOU first and then you heal the world! – the change really does start with you.

Energy work (and readings) can be all-consuming; picking up different peoples vibrational levels and energy fields, which can often linger. In order to do the work that I do, I need to have BOTH my mental, physical AND personal space “in order” before I can advise others.

I have always admired those that deal with the public in masses daily and are extremely sensitive to energy- that’s why I have always admired those to include retail staff, nurses and teachers).
I’ve learnt many ways to keep my energy intact. This year especially, I have been limiting my time on social media – literally post and go, practicing mindfulness, self-compassion and grounding myself daily, through prayer, fitness and reading.

My love language has always been acts of service and words of affirmation, doing and saying things, without ANY expectations BUT being blessed to get the same reciprocal energy from the universe, for those that I care about comes naturally (empathy and showing kindness, can reinstate that there’s genuine and pure hearted people in this world AS WELL AS good in the world).

This all further helps me to provide my services effectively, whether you come for psychic medium readings, spiritual remedies, tarot card readings or clairvoyant readings.

To be fully present and give 100% to my clients (by providing clear insight, enabling my clients to assess decisions more clearly, whether it is related to family, work, relationships, or society as a whole).

That’s why I have had regular clients for years and new clients weekly, making me one of the highest rated psychics in the UK.

Again, thank you always for the reviews. I appreciate them ALL, written ones too on Google.

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