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“It was my hen do and I wanted to do something different. I invited Natasha along to do short readings for me and the girls. Natasha was so bubbly and got on well with everyone. Some girls were hesitant to begin with but at the end of the party everyone absolutely loved having a short readings off Natasha. Sana, Surrey.”

“Being a Hindu, astrology plays a big part in my culture. I was struggling to get a good astrological read of me and my future. I was being faced with people that couldn’t really interpret the information to me properly. Not only does Natasha have a lot of knowledge in the area but she was able to really explain each element to me in a way that I understood. Thank you Natasha. Joyti, Birmingham.”

“A very short but powerful reading with Natasha. Was so helpful. I will book another. Peter, Romford.”

“I have been getting readings off Natasha for many many years now. She always listens, always helps and always gives good advice and the right method to deal with any problems that are occurring at the time. She is a strong, knowledgeable and very connected reader. But she is also a decent human being and a great sounding board when I’m at cross roads! Olivia, Barking.”

“Star of luck: thanks Natasha you have become a best friend, surely and confidently I can say I have felt a lot of positive vibrations in my home and love life since purchasing this, thanks.” Linda, London

“I thought the prosepina spell was expensive but I felt it work in as little as 3 days I feel more confident and safer, thankyou again.” Anonymous, Heathrow

“I couldn’t sleep at night, I never felt alone in my home, things in the house would move on their own, I didnt feel safe in my own home…after doing the exorcism I felt at peace, I slept well, I haven’t had anymore problems, I feel i have my home back now and my life. Thank you.” Anonymous, Manchester

“Thanks for an interesting reading, time will tell, last years was accurate” Eva London

“I’m amazed, I’m so amazed, how can you pick up on things like that its very moving emotionally” Sharon, Purley

“I found Natasha to be one of the most accurate psychic readers that I’ve been too, and I’ve been to many, truly amazing” Richard, Solihull

“Very accurate great source of information gave me a deeper understanding of my current situation” Charlotte, Birmingham

“I found Natasha very accurate with her readings, spot on! I got the confidence and strength to carry me through the next few weeks of my life. I look forward to seeing Natasha for my next reading” Harj, Manchester

“Thank you so much Natasha you’ve helped me to open my eyes and helped me move forward in overcoming great big hurdles in my life” Anna, Gloucester

“Thank you for giving me help and advice on holistic supplements” Silvia, Essex

“Thank you for being there when I was going through a bad time. You gave me help that came through the other side, it all came together and now I understand. Thank you for your help and being at the end of the phone to talk too and being a friend when there was no one else, it meant so much to me” Karen, Slough

“I thank you for your warm and friendly readings. I cannot begin to thank you for the way you recharged my emotions. I am severely disabled and it was inspiring to talk to someone like you” Beena, Coventry

“Natasha my lovely gorgeous friend and even when ive been a pain she still pulled me through, she makes me laugh and is very kind and sweet to me, a quality in her that should always be cherished and appreciated. I had lovely readings, funny readings and intense readings but always were done with my best interest at heart” Lucy, Cheltenham

“i was going through i really hard time, everything was going wrong. I had a reading which was so accurate, it led me to the answers and showed me how to deal with my problems. Natasha was very sympathetic, very accurate, she knew i was in trouble, no matter when i called she was there to listen and support me, a great freind and psychic” Alison, Boston

“My skin was awful and i felt run down. After having a facial my skin looked and felt fresher, brighter and more vibrant. Natasha was also very knowledgeable about holistic medicine, she recommend some natural vitamins. i have been taking them for a while now and i feel so much better” Jane, Leather-head, London

Just a little note to say thank you for taking my phone call yesterday evening, especially when I know that you wouldnt normally give a reading in this manner. The reading provided me with alot of answers of which recently I havent been able to rationalise in my own head, I appreciate the hurdles I still have to overcome but have the comfor in knowing I will suceed in the end! Thank you Mandy

Thank you so much for all you have done for me – youll proberbly never know how much comfort youve given me. I appreciate all your kindness and kind gestures. love madge.

Dearest Natasha,
A note just to say thank you for all your help that youve given me> Your strength support and understanding is what got me through my horrible ordeal. Thank you for being there for me.  P.S. As I cannot express enough my gratitude to you I have enclosed a small token of my appreciation.
Thank you for being there as my friend.
Plastow London

Tasha your reading is in-depth and accurate reading, it was all spot on, I was amazed. Claire

You talked about my son that passed away, that really helped it was accurate and made me feel better. (vall)

“knew me better then I knew my self- Brilliant” (Gemma)

“I was very impressed, she was so accurate, It is really amazing how accurate she is.” (Tasleem)

“My questions were answered, she was very good with a unique technique id recommend her to anyone.” (Sylvia)

“I find Natasha very accurate with her readings. spot on. I got the confidence and strength to carry me through the net few weeks of my life. I look forward to see Natasha for my next reading. Thank you for all your readings.” x x (Harjinder)

“I found Natasha to be one of the most accurate physic readers that ive been to and Ive been to many. Truely amazing, Thank you.” (Richard)

“Very accurate A great source of information. Gave me a deeper understanding of my current situations. Thank you!.” (Charlotte)

“I am amazed !! I am amazed how can you pick up personal things like that, Its very moveing emotionally.” (Dee)

Lisa Sayers “She is amazingly accurate and unbelievely good”.

Chirag Shah: “I was going through a very tough time financialy, Natasha picked up on the situation straight away. Through her spiritual guidence i was able to recover and have a secure job as well now.”

Moreen Atfab: “Life is funny sometimes, you think you have no hope and everything is lost. Then god hands you a lifeline, by introducing someone who helps you to completely transform your life from negative to positive.”

Jane Sumina: “I was going to lose my house and everything, i had no job and couldnt keep up with my financial payments. I met natasha and we did some spiritual work and changed my situation around.

Natasha is very direct,very down to earth and the most accurate psychic I have ever worked with.I m actually shocked that with her remedies the situation with myself and my lost ex boyfriend is changing for the better.She s so so powerful and all she sees is spot on dead accurate.thank u so much for everything. Tatinya

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