Astrology & Psychic Reading


Astrology is a beautiful ancient concept and an important aspect to help us understand our lives – past, present and future. Done well it can be used to forecast and predict future events and can be effectively used as a medium to get rid of any potential issues that might arise or are blocking you in life.  Astrology, put simply, is a study of the planets and the stars and the influence that this has on our lives. A review of your astrological chart will reflect how much malefic influences there are and how they will manifest. Our lives are greatly affected by our charts and have a significant impact on how our lives are influenced. Understanding it well, allows us to deal with the uncertainties and move forward in a positive direction.

Finding the right astrologist can be confusing and a complete minefield. There are many people that just provide you with computer generated reports and often when you get this report, it’s hard to interpret and can often be complex with lots of confusing terminology with no clear direction.

I have been providing personalised astrology readings overlayed with psychic readings for over 40 years now and seen how this powerful combination can really make a positive impact on peoples lived. I have helped people get a more in-depth understanding of their entire life path and get a better awareness of why things are happening to them and most importantly how to get around them.

Why are astrology readings so important to help guide us in life?

Astrology gives you the opportunity to understand:

  • Your past, present and future life path
  • How you can create a life that you have more control over and not be faced with the same struggles again and again
  • What talents you have carried into this world and how to best benefit from them
  • How to work with your chart for improved health, wealth, and wellbeing
  • How to have a more meaningful life and be able to navigate any issues caused by your chart
  • How to build a life plan around this information to improve your life.
  • What times will be important to you in your life.

It is rare to be able to receive a combined astrology and physic reading and I have the skills to do both and have been doing so successfully, for over 40 years. I can guide you on all astrological aspects including relationships, family, career, health, finance, social status, education etc.

Some of the reports I can do include:

  • Birth chart analysis – this will pull out the most poignant themes and issues you may face, in your life. I will direct you on what those are and help guide and support you on how you spot them and navigate them more effectively.
  • Couples/relationship/relationship match analysis – this will be an analysis of both charts and will look at the suitability of the match. I can also look at how you can navigate your charts to best interact with one another and develop better communication and understanding of one another. (For analysis of two charts, there will be an additional cost).

As well as helping guide you and advising you on predictions I can also suggest which gemstones suit you and your situation.  Gemstones naturally have emotional and physical healing properties, wearing the right one for you could improve your life. (Gemstones are not provided).

Please note – this reading is only effective if you can proactive your full birthdate (DD/MM/YY), exact time you were born, which town/city. If you don’t know your birth time, check your birth certificate. Please note this is the same for couple’s analysis as I will require the same information of both parties

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