Dream Interpretations (Translating Your Dream)

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The way a person sleeps and dreams can help them understand their concerns, personality, and character. Why we need to dream is a mystery, but there are definite links between how we dream, and how we think, feel and experience our lives.

Dream Interpretations require knowleadge and preception, and sensitivity.

Knowleadge based on the dreams comes from spiritual values, moral and cultural traditions.

There are two types of dreams good dreams and bad dreams, Good dreams come from God, and bad dreams come from Satan.

Good dreams are from God, like revelations that come to a rightious person and bring good news, warnings.

Dreams are for helping us spiritually benefit by giving us the guidence that we need.
People that are religious and those that are not can still see dreams.
Revelations come to those that are rightious either with the messages of glad tidings or warnings. Dreams also are affected by what are our hearts desires actions are, they reflect on our actions.

Bad dreams are from Satan, like seeing jealousy or a dream where you felt afraid, jealousy or fear. These dreams normally occur after eating a heavy meal or even going to bed hungry, estcera.

Gods Prophet (yausaif/ josphew) has said ” The most true of dreams are those from a truthful.


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