Spiritual Healing and Remedies

These remedies are free and are there to benefit, the individual by helping them to POSITIVELY move forward in their life, empowering them to remove negative vibrations or even obstacles.

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  • An in-depth reading is where you’re helped by me clairvoyantaly, psychically and spiritually to obtain help that is needed from the information that I receive when i tune into you and your situation.

    I can help in all aspects of life – health, wealth, work, family, emotional, financial and can provide specific spiritual remedies for your situation.

    Readings can give you an insight into your life and help you make the right decisions helping you be more successful in any areas that your concerned or worried about.

    How to book your reading

    To book your reading please make a payment on the website first.  Once you have made a payment send me a message using the details on the contact us page (web form, email, whatsapp or text) with the following details:

    • first name
    • surname
    • email
    • amount paid
    • reading length
    • preferred date and time for the reading

    This information will help me to  recognize and assign your payment to you.  Once I have received both the payment and the information above I will confirm your reading date and time.

  • Crystal healing is an alternative to using medicine.

    Crystal stones natural healing vibrations work by removing blockages from around and within the body. They restore a natural flow of energy. The healing process creates harmonies within the 7 chakras of the body, and can help you feel more relaxed and charged.

    Spiritual Healing and Remedies

    Crystal Healing

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  • Feeling confused, low, tired and want to make sense of it all with some spiritual guidance and healing? Need a pick me up and time to nurture yourself?

    Back by popular demand, is the half day 1-1 retreat.

    Why not book in for a half day (3.5 hours) retreat with me.

    Spiritual Healing and Remedies

    Half Day Personalised Spiritual Retreat

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  • Magnetic Therapy

    Magnetic therapy is an alternative form of therapy. This therapy uses magnets to send pulses through your body to help alleviate pain and many other health concerns. The pulses can penetrate through layers of clothing and even body tissues to the place of application.

    Here we use the Biomag technology. Biomag has been developing state-of-the-art magnetic therapy devices since 1991. So, you can be assured that you are in good hands and that we are using the most advanced technology.

    Magnetic therapy can be used to treat the following conditions and many more:

    Back and joint pain
    High blood pressure
    Sports injuries
    Crohns disease
    Fracture healing
    Carpel tunnel
    Tennis elbow
    Spine pain
    Rheumatoid pain
    Plus many other health conditions

    For more information or to find out how Magnetic therapy can help you please book a free consultation with us today.

    1 trial session is £40.00
    Monthly price £250
    Three month price £700

    Spiritual Healing and Remedies

    Magnetic Therapy

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  • Due to demands from many clients we are now making higher spiritual ceremonies available.

    Spiritual Healing and Remedies

    Spiritual Ceremonies

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  • Spiritual Meditation Group Reading (more then one person require)
    Meditation is a universal tool that can used to relax and recover from stress.

    Spiritual Healing and Remedies

    Spiritual Meditation Group Reading

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  • Spiritual Meditation One To One
    Meditation is a universal tool that can used to relax and recover from stress.

    Spiritual Healing and Remedies

    Spiritual Meditation One To One

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