Planning to do readings in 2023 without tarot cards

From 2023 onwards, I will be doing my client readings, without the use of tarot cards.

If you still want a tarot reading, this will need to requested (look out for changes on this on the psychic reading section of my website – coming soon).

I have used tarot cards as a tool, a visual aid, as to what my clairvoyant intuition already knows. My current spiritual journey and further intuitive growth, leads it to be a natural progression, moving forward.

We are infinite beings; constantly changing, ever unfolding. There is no end to our growth and evolution.

As 2022 is heading towards a close, I am celebrating the small and big wins of this year, newly formed habits that are now routine and my overall current mindset (as well as writing new goals for myself personally and professionally).

Irregardless of how fast or small the growth was and has been…. Growth is still growth. Looking back on 2022 with gratitude and looking forward to 2023 with hope.

Have a great weekend.

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