Peace is a choice.

The entire world around us may be in confusion. But peace comes from within.

Nature has and always wlll be the best medicine for tranquility.

I love the silence that it brings. I love being surrounded by trees. That’s where I gain the most clarity, surrounded by birds and nature.

Trees provide shade, food and fibre and have been seen as gifts from the dietys in most religious traditions for centuries, for their divine attributes and for their grounding energy. I find trees and the overall power of being in nature instills stillness to the soul and gives greater psychic awareness overall; further opening up my solar plexus chakra.

No other power on earth can match the healing sounds of nature. The energy it radiates is real; you just got to tap in.

Silence is a healer.

Its important that we set aside time to sit alone, to hear our own voice away from daily sometimes unnecessary distractions.

Integrating small habits into your daily routines, presents great changes, which often can transform our lives for the better.

You What works for me is the following;

  1. Alone time to recharge
  2. Time in nature
  3. Prayer and breathing exercises
  4. Energy work
  5. Essential oils (lavender, myrrh, sandalwood are some of my favourites)

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