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What is love bombing?

My readings have increasingly started to reflect the toxic behaviour, so many people are experiencing in relationships, to include talking stages, that you often see and hear story times on Instagram, Podcasts and TikTok.

It does not help when often the toxic advice given by ‘professionals’ on social media platforms, have become echo chambers of “truth” for so many on how to abuse people and has led to an increased use of buzz words by the ‘victims’ on the other side of Instagram and TikTok to include ‘love bombing’, ‘accountability’, ‘ghosting’, ‘gaslighting” “misogyny” and ‘narcissism’.

Love bombing is a technique, narcissists use in the earlier talking stages, to bring down a persons guard and to get a person addicted. This will make people believe, that they have found “the one”.

Excessive praise and attention, texting a person repeatedly, offering dream getaways, being super clingy, mirroring the behaviour of personal preferences, future faking and moving too fast (verbally) on a sexual level are all signs of love bombing to gain a form of control.

It may appear positive but it’s bad energy; it is also a set up for emotional abuse to include a lack of communication and possibly other negative traits to unclude gaslighting further on.

Love bombing is cruel. It’s is deception for what is to come later; potential trauma bonding and mental health issues.

If it feels like; manipulation, coercion, and control, It’s not love!

1. Trust your instinct always
2. Set firm boundaries if something does not feel right
3. Speak to family and friends to get advice and support
4. Take time to look at the situation objectively
5. If you believe in a higher power, pray and ask for discernment

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