It’s ok not to feel ok

Monday morning ponders….

Motivational quotes on social media such as “Nobody cares about your story, until you win, so work harder” can appear overwhelming. Although I can appreciate what they are trying to achieve, to some capacity, I have never been a huge fan of these “hustle culture” posts / reels.

These statements can often lead people suffering with their wellbeing, to feel even more isolated. This form of “positivity” often disregards the emotions of another persons experience, by telling them to think only positive “vibes” only.

Telling people that are feeling unbalanced, that other people have had it harder (or worse), completely dismisses and suppresses their feelings making them feel ashamed of their emotions.

Yes, having a positive outlook on life is extremely good for your well-being but humans have a range of emotions. Those emotions, need to be felt for better mental health, growth and overall healing.

Statements such as “cut out negative people” are similar. Having strong boundaries (yes, you can’t fill up other peoples cup, if yours is empty too), but being kind and respectful simultaneously. People that you claim to love, need love not abandonment, in times of need.

  1. It’s okay not to feel okay. Remind yourself that if someone doesn’t feel okay, that’s acceptable too.
  2. Manage the range of emotions, you are experiencing but don’t reject the negative feelings. They can help in making the changes necessary in your life.
  3. When someone expresses a difficult emotion, don’t shut them down with toxic positivity but actively seek to listen.
  4. Don’t pull away from your friends and call them “negative” if they are going through turmoil. Follow the golden rule of treating people the way you would want to be treated, if you were in a similar position.

Happy Monday

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