I spent the last couple days in between the usual rigmarole watching “The Women” on Netflix

I spent the last couple days in between the usual rigmarole watching “The Women” on Netflix…the film was meh!

However, one scene has Bette Midler character summarise self-love perfectly….
“Don’t give a s*** about anybody, be selfish…because once you ask yourself the question, ‘what about ME’, everything changes for the better…. ‘I mean who are YOU’ and ‘what do YOU want’”….

This really is the secret to life. One of the key questions I pose to my clients is them thinking about their own healing and self-worth. Working on past abandonment traumas will further aid with that.

Abandonment traumas can come from absent parents who were non-affectionate, mentally or physically ill, abusive, or passed away. It can also come from your local community, overall society and the world issues. Abandonment trauma will affect your thoughts, emotions and actions. Abandonment issues includes people pleasing, low self-esteem, depression and self sabotaging relationships.

Remember self-love is a journey. NOT ONE PERSON on earth is EVER completely FULLY healed. It is not linear. We will all go back and forth and sometimes in circles.
The good thing is that healing never stops; it’s an endless process of learning, growing and evolving; a life long journey. Whether this healing of self-love comes in the form of self-help books, religion, fitness, therapy or having the right support system.

Yung Pueblo says that it’s the Introspection + courage + acceptance + consistency = true healing.

Remember to always interpret your own stage of success and move at a speed that is healthy for you, nor what social media motivational posts often dictates for you.