I have always been addicted to personal growth

I have always been addicted to personal growth; creating the best possible version of myself.

The more I take care of myself, the more I am able to take care of others; family, friends and also my clients and be more compassionate.

I am always aware of my own “weaknesses”. If I didn’t know my own areas of development, then no matter my progress, I would keep falling without understanding why.

In 2022, I have been working on my fitness, being more persistent with my voice in my personal life, eliminating comfort eating and building further inner confidence to take larger risks.

Sometimes it’s easier for us to remain secure where we are, than to confront paradigms that can keep us all from pushing forward and thus, we often find ourselves in the same places and situations as we began.

Self-awareness is uncomfortable, but necessary for personal growth. It is being aware of our thoughts, emotions, habits, and regulating them to align ourselves with who we want to be.

Personal growth (be it spiritual, emotional, mental or physical) is not linear; we may to have to go back to a particular starting point several times and start over or it may be the best route for us.

Some VERY basic starting points;

  1. Set systems in place, write these down, break them down into small manageable chunks.
  2. Get a mentor to hold you accountable for support and encouragement. (Alternatively, this may not necessary be a person and it can come from self-help books or an autobiography of someone you admire, who has achieved the results you want).
  3. Curate your inner circle carefully. Who you surround yourself with, will further influence you (in some ways) more than self-help books.
  4. Brain balance and personal development cannot be separated from each other. Good nutrition, fitness, exercise and rest also helps boost your brain.