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Hi all and happy New Year! I wish everyone love, light and blessings always.

I am proud to announce the launch of my new website that I have been working hard on the last few weeks with my web consultant. I can’t wait for you to see my current services offered as well as new services. For example, I will be doing Hijama therapy in March 2022, which provides a host of benefits to include aiding with lower back pain, neck pain, anaemia, acne, the reduction of cellulite and cholesterol amongst other ailments.

The last 2 years of this pandemic have shattered so many of us, with families torn apart, people affected with the loss of jobs, mental health being challenged, death, bereavement and grief.

My own job has always benefitted from face to face reading, that personal touch and presence; that people need to make sense and gain clarity of the past, present and future. It has been gut wrenching for me, not to look people in their eyes and tell them it will be ALL ok. Phone call psychic readings, due to social distancing, for the majority of the last two years have been the new normal. However, I have been incredibly blessed to keep my business going with my existing and new clients – people are looking for hope and a light at the end of the tunnel in these trying times.

I myself have also struggled mentally and physically. When it comes to mental health, sometimes it really does feel that the brain will do all the hard work for us. We can’t see the mental wear and tear that we naturally accumulate, so we often think we are doing fine- when we are not. The truth is maintaining mental health takes just as much as work as maintaining good physical health- it’s a day to day, week by week job.

This pandemic has also been a period of self-reflection for me, when it comes to finding grace and compassion and also recognising that I need to put myself first, as often this too gets lost, finding that balance of helping others but also catering to thyself and asking for help from my loved ones, when necessary.

I have goals for 2022 to continually work on my mental and physical health, helping my beautiful clients with my range of services, giving them guidance BUT always being my true authentic transparent self and showing kindness!

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