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Hi, Thanks everyones noticed a change in my walk and I look pretty normal, I have actually started building up my muscles. After having the rehab treatment yesterday my legs felt really light and I found it easy to walk…. so been work and university and now on the train home…. Feeling less weak then normal…Thanx a million your an angel.

Mrs Hussain from East London ” Batah my duas are with you, as I feel I have a new lease of life, I actually felt I was dieing before I started taking your herbal supplements, which has helped my kidneys tremendiously, I was told my kidneys were leaking and I would be on a dialysis machine with in a year, Its now been 7 years and I am fine, My breathing and energy has also improved, god bless you natasha.”

Andrew Neil
Thank you natasha for the herbs you gave me for my leaky kidneys, I feel a lot better thank you, Allah bless you.

I was having problems with my periods coming regularly,…. I know I am getting older but I was hoping to have a family one day.

Natasha helped me with herbs which helped regulate my period  and hopefully still giving me a chance to refill my dreams of being a mum one day .

Thank you so much for your support and showing me a way forward with my problem.

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