Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day; whether you are doing something with your lover, friends or practicing self-love.

I met my husband in 1990.

Physically, I liked his smile and mentally, I was attracted to his simplicity.

Our marriage takes effort and work…We make mistakes, communicate and evolve. We are different from one another but it’s imperfectly perfect.

Our goals and dreams have never (selfishly) been in competition and neither have they been superior to our relationship. We support each other’s goals BUT put our marriage first. We have often had to compromise and sacrifice some personal dreams; this never meant regret.

We all deserve a soul connection; a human magnet, that changes our perspective on love.

We all deserve a love that’s tranquil and intense.

We all deserve a love no matter where we are on our self-love and healing journey! (There is no such thing as being fully ready to begin to love).

We all deserve a love that doesn’t require agendas, egos and facades.

We deserve to be “seen” and understood.

After 32 years of marriage, the confidence to believe we have each other’s back. We pray for one another. We endeavor not to take each other for granted. We endeavor not to embarrass each other publicly but talk disagreements out privately. We endeavor to give each other the space to do our own thing and also spend quality time together.

Lastly, You deserve unconditional self-love. If you truly love yourself, who you are with all your quirks and flaws, it’s easier to forgive yourself for mistakes made in the past (and also others for theirs). “Self-love shows up as self accountability paired with self -acceptance” (Micheal C Clark).