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Grief, we know, is a natural reaction to loss

Grief, we know, is a natural reaction to loss…..On social media platforms, grief is often fleeting, people read, re-post and re-share and then move on. In reality, for those who have lost loved ones, its time literally stops and life becomes blurred and confusing.

It’s often been quoted best, “it’s remembering someone has gone, every single second of the day, until that one moment you may forget, only to remember to then have your breath taken away…. over and over again”.

We can ALL relate to the loss of loved ones during the height of Covid-19 in 2020.

It’s because we were all grieving in some way; albeit job losses, financial or death. We as a collective consciousness have all experienced loss after loss in the past couple years, with many peoples mental health suffering and a constant stream of non-ending grief.

Losing my mother to Covid-19 in Jan 2022 was …My mother was truly my best friend. She spent several years living with me in her later years and I honestly LOVED spending time in her company and respected her words of wisdom, her complete uniqueness, her faith, (she was a prayer warrior!) her feistiness, her humour and strength.

Please make the fullest of the time you have now, with your loved ones. Stop waiting to make that move or decision. Don’t take any regrets to the grave with you.

Feeling the WHOLE range of emotions, letting myself and my loved ones grieve, having a wonderful support system ❤️ (my husband, my beautiful children, Dolly, Layla, Raza, Rahim, my niece Faizia, my cousin Samera and all my relatives who have all been my strength in this time) taking mental and physical care of myself, is what has kept my going the last few days and what will keep me going.

Life goes on – it’s just about starting to learn to adjust to this new form of life and keeping faith always.

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