Forgiveness removes burdens

“Your ego will always instruct you that it is right to hold on to grievances, that forgiveness is folly. Adhering to this belief not only keeps the ego alive but prevents you from experiencing the shift in perception and peace of mind that forgiveness will bring”.
I love this quote by Joan Gattuso. It makes me reflect on the idea that our ego often looks for blame in other people’s actions and sometimes not our own; real love respects forgiveness. Forgiveness does set you free. Real forgiveness removes burdens.

I have been really working on this idea of forgiveness. As a woman of faith, my connection to God as well as my prayer life is paramount to me. Asking for God’s forgiveness for my own shortcomings, I should be able to also extend the same grace to others, if they ask for forgiveness and also be able to reciprocate.

If I am on my own healing journey, I can not assume that others around me are not also doing the inner work too, publicly or privately.

Having a soft heart is not a weakness. It shows true strength. If there is growth and responsibility in others behaviours, then I am a firm believer with clear communication, all problems can be solved.

This however does not make me naive. Boundaries are important and sometimes you have to walk away after forgiveness; people you have outgrown or may not be right for you, mentally and emotionally.

Most importantly, we have to also learn to forgive ourselves as many times as we need to, as many times as it takes, to find peace. Don’t spend your current moment reliving and paying for mistakes made. Do what it takes to make the corrections, learn the lessons and move on.

When you show accountability, with the intention of correcting behaviours, you are able to heal and move forward. This comes with understanding of yourself and having peace of mind.

It takes humility to admit to mistakes made. Humility is one of the greatest qualities that a human being can possess.

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