Everyone has their own special unique talents.

Everyone has their own special unique talents.

I became a psychic medium over 2 decades ago when my friend pressured me to pursue my gift and make it a business.

From a young age, I was seeing visions and had a clear intuitive sense of knowing. From the age of 3, I would say things to my parents who thought I was crazy as did all of my teachers. At 14, my favorite cousin passed away. She started to appear to me thereafter. I remember walking from one end of East London to the other to visit her grave as she kept instructing me to place flowers on her grave. After 3 years, I told her to leave me alone (it was not pleasant experience) and I switched off this part of me as it scared me.

Eventually, in my 20’s, after much persuasion from my friend I started my business. I had to recognize that I had this talent, rather than shying away from it.

Constantly reading around the subject, getting a mentor, writing down what I wanted to achieve by putting systems into place, turning it into a service by packaging it well and then having a long term vision to make it reach out beyond the UK was some of the things I did.

Throughout, the key thing for me was also building a business based on integrity.

None of it came easy, I made many mistakes at the beginning (and still do) and this occurs, especially when I take even bigger risks and criticism always ensues. Adam Grant’s states that embracing constructive feedback actually helps people become better at their jobs. The idea of knowing you’re a work in progress and that you always want to learn how you can get better.

I am a work in progress everyday. Correcting and learning from defeats will make you succeed. By wallowing in the blame game, you will not. It’s the courage to continue in spite of adversity that counts.

Have a blessed week