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About putting this up as a post, due to my weight gain

I was little embarrassed about putting this up as a post, due to my weight gain….. My dad died on 2002. During this time especially, I lost a lot of weight and also wanted to find a way to connect with my father physically, (he was in the army for most of his life and very fit and healthy). I did a PT course and got certified as an advanced instructor Level 3 as a gym instructor and PT.

I spent the time after his death seeking things to stay close to him, I thought I could fill the void, replace the space and patch the holes left.

I didn’t actually do anything with my PT course and it was more so a way of healing for me so I could stay closer to him on something he loved to do as he trained every day mentally and physically. His body and mindset was undeniable and an inspirational to me.

During this period and most of my young and adult life, I was at my best shape, (toned and muscular).

I am currently trying to lose weight and have never been so disciplined. After catching Covid-19 myself last year and putting on a lot of weight, due to other health conditions too.

My mothers loss this month, has made me further disciplined to heal my body further and also my mental state. Despite all my self-doubt and self-depreciating beliefs, what I recognise is that I have to also stay fit for my family and grandchildren and evolve further and that starts with having a great body and mindset.

As they say it’s about being “focused on the process and patient with the progress” is what has kept me going through the last few days. I been consistent in what it takes for me to get up everyday the last few weeks, to continue this pursuit in-spite of what I have gone through.

Thanks to all those who reached out to me on here and other platforms again last few days.

In 27 years of running my businesses and the launch of my new website, I am offering discounts till the 28th January to show gratitude to all my existing (and new clients) for the constant love they have shown me in my DM’s. Make sure to check it out on the website in my link.

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