About Psychic Readings

Hello, I am Natasha...

Firstly, I just want to thank you for connecting with me! It’s an honor.
Just a little bit about me. I was blessed to be given the gift of clairvoyance with obvious psychic abilities from a very young age. This wonderful gift first manifested when I was 4 years old and I had a sense about my father having an accident, to which of course, I was told to ‘stop being silly’. Sadly, low and behold that did happen. From then on, I started having spiritual premonitions and sensed things including thoughts, feelings, energy, events, and emotions of others. I thought it was normal until I told people about them. As I was growing up, my cognitive and intuitive powers grew with me and so I realised very early on that I had been given these powers not to benefit me, but to help those around me. This was a gift given to me to help others and I have invested my life, in honing these skills.

Our bodies are a mixture of our physical self & our spirits. Our spirits are the core component whereas our physical bodies are just a vessel of transportation. Our spirits can cross over and travel over to various realms and strengthening of the spirit is in fact strengthening of ourselves! When I meet my clients, I can tune in and connect with them very quickly, and this allows me to draw out the issues fast and then offer guidance on how to resolve them.

My clients would describe me as a unique clairvoyant in that I am blessed with several abilities. My healing powers enable me to heal a person’s physical illnesses and mental and emotional distresses. I am also proficient in astrology, so the combination of all these gifts combined with my physic ability allows me to use a combination of channels to help support, strengthen, heal, and empower my clients. So, I don’t just read you you’re fate and leave you on your way to deal with it, I can work with you to look at how you can manoeuvre your life around these difficulties and work to create positive change, fast.

I am driven by helping people change their lives for the better. To be happier, to look after themselves better and have better relationships with their husband, wives, partners, children, meaningful relationships and even at work. I want people to get the most out of life and give them guidance to help them achieve that. My driver is to help make a difference in people’s lives, heal them, and guide them to live a healthier, happier more fulfilled life. I have been providing guidance and healing for 40 years in areas such as love, career, family matters, health, fertility and spirit energy, just to name a few. To compliment my healing powers, I am fully trained in Bio-magnetic therapy which is a powerful way to get back to health more holistically.

If this all resonates with you, don’t wait any longer and deal with your challenges alone. I am here to guide you and help you navigate life’s challenges. Don’t take my word for it, read the hundreds of positive reviews I have received and see how I have helped impact the lives of so many people.

I wish you well.

Natasha xx